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The greatest web suite for online calculations

The applications available in Geostru Geoapp were developed to support the individual towards the solution to multiple professional cases.

It contains:

  • GeoPar
  • GeoStru PS
  • GeoStru Maps
  • Computo

Most of the applications are free, others require a monthly or annual subscription.


The subscription provides access to all the current and future applications, access to cloud and local file saving services, professional reports and support service.

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6 reasons for being a Geoapp user

Geoapp will assist you during your professional activity with more than 40 applications.

Special cases

The Geoapps were developed as a solution to special cases to which standalone software can’t respond

Your files

The files created with Geoapp can be downloaded on PC, re-uploaded and opened at any time.


The reports created with Geoapp contain: theory used, input and output

Freedom of use

You will be able to use Geoapp anywhere, even on mobile devices and without requiring installation. All you will need is a browser

Geoapp in expansion

Geoapp, aside from being continuously updated, are constantly integrated with new ones, even on user’s request.


Our technicians will respond to your support request and supply you with technical suport.

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You can access the Geoapps through here. If the application requires a monthly or annual subscription, it will be indicated as in subscription

General and Engineering

Geotechnics and Geology



For companies

If you are a company or a freelancer, and want to use one of our apps on your website or require a personalized one.

You will also find some apps on the Market

Some apps are available on the Android market


Extend the Geoapp functionality with Geodropbox, the first cloud application for technical documentation management based on localization techniques.

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